What people are saying...

"[Rawb] met me where I was. And was able to honor who I am... He really listened... And was able to reflect the deeper purpose of my work and what holds me back."
Sharon Ann Rose
M.DN, Hypnotist, Shaman Author, Wise Woman & Transformational Facilitator
"[Rawb] was focused,
great feedback,
he's a great guy!"
"[Rawb] saw in me an authority I hadn't yet claimed... I felt seen, heard, encouraged, empowered to be more, do more, and relax into my authentic power and purpose."
Sage Cohen
Author, poet, entrepreneur
"I'm so thankful for the transformation that has taken place in my heart over the past month..."
Chris Hyde
Life coach, The Progressive Soul
"I loved [Rawb's] upbeat and friendly manner. He is very genuine and caring and he is very encouraging... He wants everyone to be successful."
Alanna Schwab
Owner, Time For You Hypnosis and Healing
"[Rawb's] desire to contribute to the world... is sincere and genuine... that kind of support is precious, rare, and greatly appreciated.
Randolph Sellars
Performance coach & hypnotherapist

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