Feel Better NOW | Self-Mastery Simplified

Feel Better NOW!

1 min. breathing & focus practice to improve your life.

Become more conscious.

If you want to grow and improve anything in your life you must first put your attention upon becoming more conscious.  Most of us are on autopilot 95% of the time.  Love NOW disables the negative autopilot in a graceful & consistent way.

Love NOW™ is an original practice by Rawb Love

Self-Mastery Simplified.

Practical tools for Ascension ...finally.

Self-Mastery Five™

We are all on The PATH of Ascension (enlightenment).  If you are a human being incarnate in a body on planet Earth (Gaia), then you are on the path of ascension.  We are all at different points along the path, yet it is the same path – a returning to God/Source/Creation, a return to LOVE.

Below are the first 5 primary areas of Mastery on The PATH:
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    • The average person is in a state of nonconscious autopilot 95% of the time. A life filled with duality, conflict & fear reinforces this natural psychological phenomenon. If you want to stand any chance of mastering any of the other levels you must first start with a committed & diligent practice towards Conscious Mastery.
    • You can learn exactly how to go about mastering a conscious state of being through generating a resourceful physiology, while you raise your vibration (energy, emotional frequency) and retrain your psychology.
    • Consciousness Mastery looks like you disabling social engineering & breaking outside of The Matrix and taking charge of your Actions, Behaviors, Emotions & Decisions (ABED).
    • Three huge issues exist when talking about mastering the divine within you:
      • 1) many people are confused about what their natural polarity is,
      • 2) Powerful feminines are often forced to over stimulate their masculine aspects to survive in our culture, and
      • 3) The Masculine has been attacked, weakened, shut-down and otherwise demonized to the point where most men have almost zero idea how to handle a sexy, powerful, intelligent, Divine Feminine (DF) in her fully expanded glory – so the masculine gets frustrated & shuts down (or leaves) and the DF learns to hold back, limit, and shut-down as well. This entire paradigm needs to change!
    • You can learn what your natural polarity is (masculine or feminine) and why healing & balancing both the masculine and the feminine within you is needed to have a truly healthy relationship.
    • Divine Mastery looks like you healing your distorted (wounded) aspects of yourself & living fully in your EMBODIED Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine version of yourself.
    • Having a truly healthy relationship requires you to be SOLID Unto Yourself. Being whole unto yourself is a base requirement or neediness & tolerating poor behavior can lead to toxic, co-dependent and other dysfunctional behaviors.
    • You can learn how to determine what your personal mastery work is & how to achieve 100% wholeness unto yourself in 9 different areas: Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit | Abundant Finances, Lifestyle & daily Joy | Loved Family, Friends & the ever important Self-Love. You can learn a system of goals, daily focus & accountability – all based in loving approval, focus & the art of small steps each day towards achieving your personal goals.
    • Wholeness Mastery looks like you being completely fine on your own. You have a full life independent of any partnership. You are living in the fullness of your authentic self – living your best life. You feel Healthy, Abundant & Loved (HAL).
    • Relationship & Sexual Mastery is all about a deep level of trust & surrender, which is only attainable if conscious & transparent communication is there. Withholding, lying and the B.A.D. Behaviors of Blaming, Arguing & Defending – destroys intimacy.
    • You’ll learn to master communication through conscious communication practices and exercises that are very practical and effective, such as: SAFE LEFT, Expressing & Love Listening.
    • Communication Mastery looks like you and your partner having authentic, vulnerable & transparent conversations that seek to understand one another, without trying to change each other – so you can grow more deeply together.
    • Romantic relationships can often be the most challenging & most rewarding aspects of our lives yet few have any real idea or viable example of how to have a successful one.
    • You can learn to master your relationship by giving it weekly and daily attention through multiple practices & concepts such as: the Love Garden, 100% ownership & knowing your energetic masculine or feminine role as a partner.
    • Relationship Mastery looks like both partners surrendered to the journey and working together towards Mastery on all levels towards oneness with God/Source/Creation.

Conscious Growth Coach

Rob "Rawb Love"

I’m a Conscious Growth Coach, and to put it simply, my main focus is helping you grow in various aspects of your life, whether it’s in your relationships, your business, or your personal development.

I work with both the nonconscious mind and the superconscious, leaving no stone unturned as we harness all the valuable information and resources available to us. One of these untapped resources exists within the quantum field, a realm that goes beyond the physical world. I have a natural ability to work in the quantum field, but it was fully unlocked for me through my reiki activations and my interactions with my Twin Flame.

My ultimate purpose and passion in life revolve around assisting you and others in your journey of growth.

How May I Help You Become More Conscious?

Becoming more conscious is the key to business growth, better relationships, better communication & a greater sense of self-love. 



I help you create conscious relationships in your life through balancing love & focus.

I specialize in Twin Flame Relationships.
*I work with all types of relationships too.



I help businesses become more conscious and I help conscious businesses grow.

I only work with Conscious Businesses.
*and businesses that want to be conscious.



I help individuals become more loving with themselves and the world around them.

All Self-Mastery starts with a further development of Consciousness Mastery.

Founder & Creator of


As part of Project: Happier Planet, the website Happy.degree was launched on 7/01/2024, listing tools, resources, and coaching to help people become happier. It offers six steps to happiness, including belief shifts, goal-setting, and tracking progress. Users can join a supportive community and explore the benefits of happiness on mental health, relationships, and productivity. Together, we aim to create a happier, healthier world.

You can find out more by going to https://Happy.degree/

Founding Member

Project: Restoration.EARTH

We are a founding member of Project: Restoration.EARTH — which is a collective of individuals and businesses that support “The SHIFT” towards Love, Unity, & Abundance for ALL and Restoring HOPE (Humanity On Planet Earth).

We help with the “Love” and “Unity” aspects through helping people bring more love to their relationships and themselves through our work with Conscious Relationships and Conscious Self-Mastery.  We are helping people “unite” through teaching conscious communication practices that help people “understand” one another.

You can find out more by going to https://Restoration.EARTH/