Hi 👋,

I AM RawB LOVE, pronounced like “Robbie” Love and you can call me Rob. RawB LOVE reminds me to “B” the LOVE, the “Raw” kind.

It is my life’s work, my passion to support people who are ready, willing and able to do their Self-Mastery work because it’s all Self-Mastery, right?!!

It’s all an inside job. Whether we are talking about a Twin Flame Journey, or a conscious relationship or growing your conscious business – it’s all ultimately an inside job, meaning the world outside of you is really just a reflection of your inside world (your beliefs, expectations, fears, passions, and especially your nonconscious programming.)

Simply put, I help people GROW.   And I love what I do.

I AM so pleased to meet you. 🙏💖✨

My Passion

Two words: Conscious Evolution.

I AM passionate about Conscious (anything).

Conscious Business
Conscious Relationships (especially Twin Flames, Divine Partnerships)
Conscious Communication
Conscious Self-Mastery

That list goes on and on.  I see so much purpose in it.  The MORE we are CONSCIOUS the better we feel.  The better we feel, the happier we are.  The happier we are, the more we spread happiness in the world.

For me, what juices me up:

Happier You & I = Happier Planet. (Drop the mic. 🎤)

My Experience

I have been a small business owner since 1996 and a digital marketing & web pro since 2001.  

I AM a trained life coach, hypnotherapist & am a master level NLP practitioner with an extensive focus on nonverbal communication with Michael Grinder. 

I AM also a trained energy healer, channel and am highly intuitive.  

I AM very skilled in perception on a physical, energetic and emotional level and that gives me insight into whatever needs to be adjusted to help someone get the outcome they want.

2009 – Knightsbridge Institute, 1st 6 month professional Hypnotherapy Certification
2009 – 1st Reiki I&II Certification
2011 – Brilliant U, NLP Practitioner Certification
2012 – NLP Pacific, NLP Masters Certification
2012 – NW Hypnosis Institute, 2nd 6 month professional Hypnotherapy Certification
2014-2019 – Michael Grinder & Associates (MGA), Non-Verbal Communication
2019 – 2nd Reiki I&II Recertification
2019 – Certified Channel 
2024 – Life Inventory Assessment Certified Coach

My Knowledge

Where there is a will – there is ALWAYS a way!

In Conscious Business: 
+ generated $100’s of Millions in business online (moved around $300M in construction business from less than honest contractors to honest contractors who did a much better job for a 1/3’rd of the cost).
+ channeled the Marketing Formula (first of it’s kind)
+ created the Conscious Business Growth PLAN (think simplified & innovative Marketing Plan)
+ co-created Quantum-Conscious Marketing systems (with Alora Brown, Alora Grace & Co.) ~ from 12D down to 5D/3D manifested reality
+ (personal) from bankruptcy to 4-hour-workweek passive income

In Conscious Communication:
+ channeled SAFE LEFT (training system) ~ the power to have better relationships is in your hands
+ created Loving Approval Buddy ~ new paradigm in accountability
+ created Awing ~ gain a deep level of connection with another human being in under 60 seconds
+ created Expressing ~ fast way to express what your really need to say & be heard
+ co-created Love Listening (with Anita Stryker, Body-Led Singing) ~ always find the love underneath what is being said

In Conscious Coaching:
+ channeled Collective Conscious Coaching (C3) ~ new paradigm in coaching & clearing obstacles

In Conscious Mindfulness & Meditation:
+ created Focus15 ~ shift your vibration & mood from even a depressed state in 120 min. or less
+ created
1min. Mindfulness Meditation ~ drop-in, center, ground & raise your vibration in about 60 seconds
+ created Love NOW 
~ 3 breaths & 3 focuses that anyone can do to achieve a resourceful physiology & psychology

in Conscious Relationships:
+ utilized the Conscious practices (listed on this page) to heal many relationships
+ (personally) moved from horrible break-up/hate to cherished loving co-parenting friends ~ I KNOW anything is possible, if you put your attention upon it and do the work
+ (personally) helped loved ones through addiction
+ people naturally tell me their deepest darkest secrets, since I was a teenager
+ couples have gravitated to me for help since I was a teen (it’s a gift).

in Quantum-Consciousness:
+ I work in the Quantum field on a regular basis
+ I adjust things in the Quantum and that adjusts someone’s experience of reality.  My highly sensitive friends & colleagues routinely ask me to “tap-in” and do adjustments

"What do you want?"
Let's get you there...

…in the fastest, most harmonious way possible.