Rob "Rawb Love" is your

Conscious Growth Coach

specializing in Evolutionary Strategies

"If you are willing, we will find a way." ~Rob

I KNOW — the solution you seek is presently within you.

Your nonconscious mind knows what you need and what is stopping you from having whatever it is you want.  We just need to uncover it.

About you...

You feel ready, determined and are open to new ideas and solutions.

You're READY.

You feel ready to embrace the growth that awaits you.


You are in a place where you'll finally do whatever it takes.


You are receptive to new ideas and concepts.

You may be feeling...

NOTE: Often we can miss interpret positive emotions and sensations
as “bad” when in all actuality they’re positive
and we’re just not used to that particular sensation.


You feel that time is of the essence. That can present as feelings of desperation however it's probably a healthy sense of urgency.


You feel a buzziness inside. Maybe you've decided it's anxiety however it could just be excitement that you are feeling.


You just KNOW there is a solution out there waiting for you. You're hopeful this may be it.

and you may also be feeling...


You may feel like some unseen force is stopping you.


You may feel blinded or unclear in some way.

UNSURE What to Do

You're just unsure how to overcome this challenge.

Hard to believe, but true

Your NONconscious Mind Blocks You

I help you get totally in alignment, moving powerfully towards the conscious growth you want.

Are you unknowingly stopping your growth?

It's NOT Your Fault,
...but it is your responsibility.

66.5% of your NONconscious mind may be BLOCKING you.
Neuroscience and top performance coaches agree that, on average – 95% of a person’s Actions, Behaviors, Emotions and Decisions (ABED) are not within their conscious control. And 70% of that is working against them due to (-) negative beliefs & social engineering.
That’s 66.5% working against you
It’s like a constant tug-o-war going on inside of us.



(If you are ready.)


Your Conscious Growth Coach

Rob is an EXPERT in the Nonconscious & Conscious Mind.

Conscious Mind Expert

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Masters, Professional Consulting Hypnotherapist, Non-Verbal Communication

CERTIFICATIONS: 2009 – Knightsbridge Institute, Hypnotherapy, 2011 – Brilliant U, NLP Practitioner, 2012 – NLP Pacific, NLP Masters Certification, 2012 – NW Hypnosis Institute, Hypnotherapy (2nd Certification), 2014-2019 – Michael Grinder & Associates (MGA), Non-Verbal Communication

Your Conscious Growth Coach: Robert “Rawb Love” Bury
He’s been a conscious & nonconscious mind professional since 2009 with extra training and focus in non-verbal communication under the direction of Michael Grinder (National Director of NLP in Education & Non-Verbal Communication Expert).

“Rob is one in a million. He was born to coach"

“Rob is one in a million. He was born to coach and help people with problems in any areas of their lives. … Rob ACTUALLY CARES about me and my journey… His tools are revolutionary and groundbreaking… If you are ready to take positive steps towards changing your life and having the life you have always dreamed of, it’s time to start working with Rob.” — Emma Nice, RN

My Coaching STYLE:

Cutting Edge.

I use what works FOR YOU!
I've developed multiple simplified tools and practices to support my students and clients, yet we only use what works specifically for you.

Mind Sciences.

I use the latest in neuroscience, quantum physics & consciousness advancements.
We now KNOW your nonconscious mind holds all the keys to unleashing your growth.

Conscious Focus.

FOCUS is everything
If you want to manifest growth, you need to understand manifestation principals. We focus our attention and intention upon the growth you want.


step-by-step systems
I break everything down into simplified steps you can follow daily. SO you can RELAX & always know your next step.


and "heart-centered"
I help you get into full alignment with your passion and purpose.
Growth you can FEEL GOOD about.


happiness = growth
People grow best when things are kept enjoyable, positive and fun. You will enjoy the process of improving your life.

“literally the best coach I have ever worked with"

“Guys, this is literally the best coach I have ever worked with. So if you’re having any issues, any blockages, any triggering happening or your life is just stuck – just at least try and reach out to him because he honestly is amazing. His coaching abilities are out of this world. I swear. At least try and reach out to him and you see – what magic he can do. He’s amazing.” — Andreea Radulescu

My Coaching Key ELEMENTS:

Executive Coaching

Inquiry-based approach to professional development that is aimed at creating awareness, generating action, and facilitating learning and growth.


The Quantum-Conscious connection refers to the connection between your inner deeper purpose & knowing and your conscious awareness in this now moment (your physical reality).

Consciousness / Mindfulness

We increase our conscious awareness by practicing mindfulness (being in the moment, breathing, noticing our actions, behaviors, emotions & decisions).

Nonconscious Mind

The Nonconscious mind refers to the subconscious and unconscious mind.

Positive Focus

We will keep our focus positive, solutions based, open & curious.


Everything is broken down into small doable steps, one after the other.

“The love now practice ingenious and cutting-edge"

“The love now practice ingenious and cutting-edge; and so extraordinarily simple, anyone can do it! It has helped me stay aware of my unconscious patterns and beliefs, so they don’t run me or my life. It also raises my vibration to a level where I can feel joyful and at peace. I am a nurse and at work it’s a total life saver; I am able to slow down so I can critically think for my patients and make decisions that positively impact them… I am now in control. It is a practice that is so simple, yet life changing.” — Emma Nice, RN


I have several unique practices, tools, and simplifications I have developed in addition to some specialized trainings and certifications I’ve acquired. I like to make sure I’ve always got the right tool for the job — to best support you.

Love NOW Practice

In 2014 I began experimenting with body posture, specific types of breathing, and conscious focus. That evolved into what is now the Love NOW practice which reduces stress, increases confidence, and enhances consciousness mastery.

Self-Mastery Five (5)

Self-mastery, ascension, and enlightenment have long been considered elusive and undefinable. Through contemplation and meditation, I created a simplified 5-element process for conscious evolution.

Collective Conscious Coaching

Top coaches are outstanding at generating epiphanies, ah-ha moments, and spontaneous clearing of obstacles with their clients. I created a system of attention, curiosity, and approval where small groups can produce similar results.

Conscious Communication

Communication is key to effective relationships, whether personal or professional in nature. I have developed several tools and practices to facilitate conscious, healthy, and transparent communication.

Conscious Relationships

After my own Twin Flame relationship, I focused on solutions for navigating this challenge. This led to the "Twin Flame Field Guide" and Twin Flame Masters Program—foundations for my Conscious Relationship teachings.

Conscious Marketing

Since 1996, I’ve been in business and marketing. In 2017, while working with Michael Grinder, I simplified marketing to its core elements for his team. Combining my knowledge and channeling skills, I created the Conscious Marketing formula.

Certified Energy Healer

As with all tools, I follow my intuition and what the client finds most useful. Not everyone is open to the idea of perceiving and moving energy. For those who are, we may move some energy in the process of working together.

Certified Channel

As we awaken, we develop "special gifts." One of mine is channeling information and spontaneous knowledge. It feels natural and common now. I'm certified as a channel, achieved after training myself. Anyone can learn this.

LIA Certified Coach

On March 26th, 2024 I became the 11th certified Life Inventory Assessment (LIA) coach, on the planet. This tool is going to revolutionize therapy, coaching, and personal development as we know it. I feel honored to be an early adopter.


Clients & Students Speak About Rob

I have a deep respect and appreciation for all of the wonderful individuals I get to work with.

"Rob is a loving, kind, and compassionate friend"

“Rob is a loving, kind, and compassionate friend, holding a safe space while you explore the deepest parts of your soul. At the same time, he is a resilient, efficient, and dedicated teacher, helping you transform all aspects of your life.”
Vicki Kara
Jewelry Designer

"Rob met me where I was. And was able to honor who I am... He really listened"

“Rob met me where I was. And was able to honor who I am... He really listened... And was able to reflect the deeper purpose of my work and what holds me back.”
Sharon Ann Rose
M.DN, Hypnotist, Shaman Author, Wise Woman & Transformational Facilitator

"Rob was focused, present, had great feedback, and he's a great guy!"

Dave Markowitz
Bestselling Author, Intuitive Healing Facilitator, CEO (Chief Empathic Officer)

"Rob saw in me an authority I hadn't yet claimed... I felt seen"

Sage Cohen
Author, poet, entrepreneur

"Rob consistently demonstrates a high level of integrity in his work."

Sanne Maas
Energy Healer & Mum

"Rob's desire to contribute to the world... is sincere and genuine"

Randolph Sellars
Cinematographer, Performance coach & hypnotherapist

"Now I feel confident stable with courage, strength and enthusiasm"

“I received from Rob clearly a path to walk in which I learned how to enter emotionally into all these aspects and not only is it clearer to me now, but I also feel how they are rooted as in a strong foundation. Now I feel confident stable with courage with strength and enthusiasm.” – Bia Hernandez, NLP Advanced Practitioner, Supernatural Business Woman, SBW

What to Expect: My Coaching Overview

I create a custom coaching package based on your unique needs.

Outcome Focused

I always start with the end in mind, that way we know where we are going and when we have arrived. With all things being possible, and all things are possible, what do you want?

Holistic Methodology

While focused on progress and achieving your desired outcome swiftly, we are mindful of balance and well-being in all areas of your life, including family, work, and relationships.


I "feel" my clients on an energetic and emotional level. That means, I AM "with you" through the process of you achieving the conscious growth you want. I'm invested in you.

Customized to YOU

Everything I do is customized to meet your unique needs, combining practical strategies with what I see as our quickest, most in-flow way too arrive at your desired outcome.

Loving Approval Model

Whether addressing accountability or tough life aspects, we approach with grace, mercy, and unconditional love. Judgment hinders growth; love and acceptance enable exponential expansion.

Conscious Approach

Though trained in hypnotherapy and NLP, I prefer a conscious conversation approach, addressing your nonconscious mind indirectly. This method enables a smooth transition towards rapid conscious growth.

If all of this "sounds good" to you...

IF You Feel Ready, Willing, and Able

Let's EXPLORE Working Together

Schedule a call with Rob, let him know what you’re looking for, and you can explore potentially working together.

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