“Rob is one in a million. He was born to coach and help people…”

Emma Nice
Twin Flame Masters Program Student/Member & 1-on-1 Coaching Client

Rob is one in a million. He was born to coach and help people with problems in any areas of their lives. Unlike other therapists, and coach/counselor professionals I’ve worked with, Rob ACTUALLY CARES about me and my journey. Rob meets me where I am at, and tailors the tools he has to my needs so I am able to understand and use them practically in my life. He takes the time to thoroughly explain things so I am always in complete understanding. He helps me find solutions to my problems. His tools are revolutionary and groundbreaking. He has helped me step out of the people-pleaser space, and into a strong, unshakable foundation for myself where I am able to practice unconditional love for myself and the world around me. His ability to help people communicate with one another is unmatched, he knows what to say and how to say it. I had no idea how to effectively and efficiently communicate before working with Rob, now I have the knowledge and tools to navigate all of my relationships.

When I first met my twin flame, and was going through a profound spiritual awakening and dark night of the soul he, his program, and the twin flame masters community were a light at the end of the tunnel. He helped me feel not so alone and not crazy for the thoughts and feelings I was having. There is nothing like having a coach and community of people who you can go to for support and know exactly what you are experiencing, it’s life altering.

The love now practice ingenious and cutting-edge; and so extraordinarily simple, anyone can do it! It has helped me stay aware of my unconscious patterns and beliefs, so they don’t run me or my life. It also raises my vibration to a level where I can feel joyful and at peace. I am a nurse and at work it’s a total life saver; I am able to slow down so I can critically think for my patients and make decisions that positively impact them. During times where I used to “freak out” at work, I can now slow my breathing and focus on the task at hand. There are times in life where I would have previously allowed my emotions to take over, I now have the love now practice so this doesn’t happen. I am now in control. It is a practice that is so simple, yet life changing.

If you are ready to take positive steps towards changing your life and having the life you have always dreamed of, it’s time to start working with Rob.”