“Now I feel confident stable with courage, strength and enthusiasm….”

Bia Hernandez
Coaching / Masters Program, Conscious Business BOOT CAMP

“I received from Rob clearly a path to walk in which I learned how to enter emotionally into all these aspects and not only is it clearer to me now, but I also feel how they are rooted as in a strong foundation.

Now I feel confident stable with courage with strength and enthusiasm.

I like Rob that he doesn’t let anything escape us that we are focused on emotions at a subconscious and subtle level because that is where the real obstacles are and together we look for them and through this brainstorming and working with our energy, we find them and know where to focus, what to work with.

I really like your Conscious Business Program, I think it’s a very specific unique program that gives a lot of clarity and since the first sessions it has propelled me to gain even more confidence in myself and courage when it’s time to act”