FOCUS on YOUR Self-Mastery!

The Twin Flame Journey (TFJ) is about moving towards unconditional love & self-mastery which then leads you towards union within yourself, the world outside of yourself & ultimately with Source/God.

Not sure what a Twin Flame is? SEE: Twin Flame Test

The Twin Flame Journey (LIFE) is
all about YOU & YOUR GROWTH.

YOU want to be working towards
SELF-MASTERY on all Six Levels.

The Twin Flame Masters Program is all about giving your the tools & support you’ll need on your  personal growth towards mastery and unconditional love for yourself and the world outside – including your Twin Flame or any other relationship, for that matter.

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What is the Twin Flame Masters Program [TFMP]

The DESTINATION: Oneness with All
The GOAL: Working in harmony with All
The MISSION: Usher in 5D New Earth (Conscious Evolution)
The POINT: Practice unconditional love & Self-Mastery
The PROBLEMS: Resistant, Alone, Unconscious, Unsure, Unmotivated
+ The COMMUNITY: World-wide Twin Flame Community
+ The WORK: Self-Mastery Six (6)
+ The SYSTEM: 1,000%’er System
+ The PRACTICES: Simplified and doable practices & tools
+ The BOOK: Twin Flame Field Guide
+ The CALL: Twin Flame Tuesday ZOOM Call

The Twin Flame Masters Program [TFMP] is:

1.The COMMUNITY   2.The WORK   3.The BOOK   4.The SYSTEM   5.The PRACTICES   6.The CALL   7.The COURSE

The Twin Flame Masters Program (or TFMP for short) is most aptly described in 7 parts – that collectively solve all the major issues Twin Flames Journey issues.


World-Wide Twin Flame Community | You're not alone.

Family & friends DO NOT understand the Twin Flame Journey. 
Don’t even try to explain it to them – they just won’t get it.
Even other Twin Flames who are resisting the journey don’t get it.
Worse yet, some TFs have even gone back asleep after their awakening.

YOU WANT to connect with other Twin Flames who are ACTIVELY working on themselves and their Mastery.  We have a managed private, by invite only groups on Telegram where you can get 24/7/365 support.  

We also meet on ZOOM each week – to stay connected & focused on our growth and movement along our Twin Flame Journey.

*ZOOM  is by invite only.

2. The WORK

Self-Mastery in 6 areas of YOUR LIFE | Know your work.

The Self-Mastery Six (6)
What is YOUR WORK?

Many Twin Flames get consumed with the idea that the Twin Flame Journey is all about Union with their Twin Flame – no, this is about YOU and YOUR MASTERY!  Union is indeed an important part of it – yet you have to do a lot of work to become ready for this type of AMAZING Relationship with your Divine Counterpart.

Below are the 6 different areas of Mastery to achieve Twin Flame Mastery:
(click on each to expand)

    • The average person is in a state of nonconscious autopilot 95% of the time. A life filled with duality, conflict & fear reinforces this natural psychological phenomenon. If you want to stand any chance of mastering any of the other levels you must first start with a committed & diligent practice towards Conscious Mastery.

    • You will learn exactly how to go about mastering a conscious state of being through generating a resourceful physiology, while you raise your vibration (energy, emotional frequency) and retrain your psychology.

    • Consciousness Mastery looks like you disabling social engineering & breaking outside of The Matrix and taking charge of your Actions, Behaviors, Emotions & Decisions (ABED).

    • Three huge issues exist when talking about mastering the divine within you:

      • 1) many Twins are confused about what their natural polarity is,

      • 2) Powerful feminines are often forced to over stimulate their masculine aspects to survive in our culture, and

      • 3) The Masculine has been attacked, weakened, shut-down and otherwise demonized to the point where most men have almost zero idea how to handle a sexy, powerful, intelligent, Divine Feminine (DF) in her fully expanded glory – so the masculine gets frustrated & shuts down (or leaves) and the DF learns to hold back, limit, and shut-down as well.

        This entire paradigm needs to change with all the Twins.

    • You’ll learn what your natural polarity is (masculine or feminine) and why healing & balancing both the masculine and the feminine within you is needed for proper Twin Flame Union.

    • Divine Mastery looks like you healing your distorted (wounded) aspects of yourself & living fully in your EMBODIED Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine version of yourself.

    • The Twin Flame Journey requires you to be SOLID Unto Yourself. There is a very common occurrence of Twins loosing themselves in the relationship and allowing their independence, goals, dreams & self-respecting standards to go out the window because the pull towards their Twin is so strong. Being whole unto yourself is a base requirement or neediness & tolerating poor behavior will lead to toxic, co-dependent and other dysfunctional behaviors.

    • You’ll learn how to determine what your personal mastery work is & how to achieve 100% wholeness unto yourself in 9 different areas: Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit | Abundant Finances, Lifestyle & daily Joy | Loved Family, Friends & the ever important Self-Love. You’ll learn a system of goals, daily focus & accountability – all based in loving approval, focus & the art of small steps each day towards achieving your personal goals.

    • Wholeness Mastery looks like you being completely fine on your own. You have a full life independent of your Twin. You are living in the fullness of your authentic self – living your best life. You feel healthy, abundant & loved.

    • Relationship & Sexual Mastery is all about a deep level of trust & surrender, which is only attainable if transparent communication is there. Withholding, lying and the B.A.D. Behaviors of Blaming, Arguing & Defending – destroys intimacy.

    • You’ll learn to master communication through conscious communication practices and exercises that are very practical and effective, such as: SAFE LEFT, Expressing & Love Listening.

    • Communication Mastery looks like you and your Twin having authentic, vulnerable & transparent conversations that seek to understand one another, without trying to change each other – so you can grow more deeply together.

    • The Twin Flame relationship is like the Extreme Sport of the Relationship Olympics – it’s tough. It’s also the most rewarding relationship you could possibly have with anyone – in the entire universe. This is your divine counterpart.

    • You’ll learn to master your relationship by giving it weekly and daily attention through multiple practices & concepts such as: the Love Garden, 100% ownership & knowing your role as a Twin.

    • Relationship Mastery looks like both Twins fully surrendered to the journey and working together towards Mastery on all levels & oneness.

    • Orgasmic Enlightenment is the process of raising your sexual energy to the point of transcending this physical realm (aka – seeing the face of God). Mastering this process involves deep surrender & physical stamina – sexuality has been shamed for a reason. There is NOTHING SHAMEFUL about how God created us – WE ARE BY DESIGN.
    • You will learn the initial practices & techniques needed to move towards your individual Sexual Energy practice (you choose) – the rewards of which are beyond description.
    • Sexual Energy Mastery looks like sustained lovemaking – where both partners experience ecstasy. Each Twin can feel the other’s pleasure in their own body – as their bodies become one. What happens next is beyond words.

3. The BOOK

Twin Flame Field Guide | Your personalized book, just for you.

The Twin Flame Field Guide is designed to help keep you on track and give you the practical tools, systems & practices to help you grow on all 6 levels towards Twin Flame Mastery.
It also serves as a physical contract you make with yourself & God – to help keep you on track when the journey gets hard.
(spoiler alert: it will get very hard at times.)

Practical Tools for the Twin Flame Journey


1,000%'er System of Goals + NEXT STEPS | Stay focused & Keep going.

The 5th most common problem with Twin Flames is a lack of FOCUS & Follow Through. (#1 Resistance, #2 Feeling ALONE, #3 Self-sabotage, #4 Unsure of their WORK) 

The 1,000%’er SYSTEM in designed to help you TAKE ACTION Each Day – the accumulation of doing simple daily steps will drastically improve your Growth & Progress towards Self-Mastery and Twin Flame Physical Union.

(click on each to expand)

Each week, for our Twin Flame Tuesday call, we fill out this sheet of our current (for the week ahead):

  • Goals around Self-Mastery, Wholeness, etc.
  • Step-Goals
  • epiphanies & insights (from The CALL itself)
  • What I NEED

We plan out our weekly steps, tasks &  appointments in-between our Twin Flame Tuesday CALLS.

This helps us visually plan out the steps we need to do each week and each day.

*one of the biggest issues we see with people is that they just don’t take enough consistent action.
This system helps solve that issue.

Each day we fill out our:

  • Today’s GOALS
  • Current TASK
  • Our 1-3 Top TFJ Tasks to complete in the Next 24hrs

This really helps us stay focused on completing the work that REALLY MATTERS, else weeks, months & years can go by without any real progression.

Unwavering Support.
A Loving Approval Buddy™ (LAB™) is someone you express what you plan to achieve in the next 24 hours and they stay in loving approval of you – no matter what. 
*Think accountability w/o any judgement.

Gain Insight.
Collective Conscious Coaching™ (C3) is a method for rapid growth where each person explores what they want in a loving container of non-judgement. Within this unique environment – insight, spontaneous clearing, aha moments are commonplace.

COMING SOON: Right now we do mini-versions of this on The CALL each week (Tuesday’s CALL). Full versions of this brand new modality are scheduled to launch in 2024.


Original & Innovative Systems & Content | Simplified. Doable.

Rawb Love is a nonconscious mind expert, Divine Masculine & Twin Flame.   

He has the ability to “drop-in”, commune with Source & find solutions.

Over the years he has created several systems and practices to help himself (and others) with:

Finding a way to Love
Becoming more conscious
Making sense of the nonconscious mind
Conscious communication & relationships
Improving effectiveness around personal growth
Communicating with the nonconscious & superconscious minds.

Rawb Love’s work is derived from these basic elements:

Exquisite Attention
Childlike Curiosity
Loving Approval 

and asking the very important question: How Can I ________?

6. The CALL

Twin Flame Tuesday | Your weekly Twin Flame lifeline.

Twin Flame Tuesday is...

Twin Flame Tuesday is a live ZOOM call for Twin Flames that happens every Tuesday and consists of two parts:

  • Twin Flame Community
    • The Twin Flame Community is all about connection, comradery & putting weekly attention upon your Twin Flame Journey.
  • Twin Flame Support Group.
    • The Twin Flame Support Group is where we learn and practice content from the Twin Flame Field Guide (The BOOK) and participate in group SPOT Coaching.


13 Week Online "Evergreen" Course | Organized. Step-by-Step.

Everything we do is about being highly effective & efficient.

The Twin Flame Masters Program starts with a 3 month (13 week) training where you learn the FOUNDATION you will need for Self-Mastery & navigating your Twin Flame Journey with grace, flow and ease.

Each week you will be given a lessons and trainings from the Twin Flame Field Guide (TFFG).  You will build your personalized TF Field Guide each week as you progress through the 3 month initiation period.  At the end of the 3 months you will have built your FOUNDATIONAL Twin Flame Field Guide and have completed your initiation.

This is a process.  You are not expected to master each of the concepts & trainings within this period.  You are being exposed to the content – think of it like seeds being planted.

During your weekly ZOOM call(s) and via our online chat platform (Telegram) – you will be able to ask questions about any of the content you are learning in The COURSE.

Preview the Twin Flame Masters Program’s 3 month Initiation course (here).

(screenshot of The COURSE on GROW)

What student members are saying...

"When I first met my twin flame, and was going through a profound spiritual awakening and dark night of the soul [Rawb Love], his program, and the twin flame masters community were a light at the end of the tunnel. He helped me feel not so alone and not crazy for the thoughts and feelings I was having. There is nothing like having a coach and community of people who you can go to for support and know exactly what you are experiencing, it’s life altering."
“I really love and appreciate the very structured, organized, and detailed 13 week TF program. For me it gave me a chance to think and process where I was on my TF journey and what work I really needed to focus on. Being in this program helped me to become unstuck from a place where I simply was not moving forward in my growth and evolution. Thanks Rawb for answering your call to help people ascend on their TF journeys."
"My journey in the T.F Masters program has been an amazing experience, marked by tremendous growth and transformation. It has contributed so much to making me the woman I am today! Rob and the beautiful community he has brought together have helped me overcome difficult times, enjoy my biggest wins, learn important lessons, and embrace my true power!"
"Rob is very responsive and listens to you... his insight on situations and advice has dramatically change how I start to handle my relationships especially with my twin. The program itself offers a lot of ideas, skills, and ways of thinking to help move forward with your journey of healing and uniting with your twin. It has slowly started to change my life and... has really begun to make me happy."

Ready to Master your Twin Flame Journey,

"show up" and do "The WORK"

with us?

THIS is "The WAY" Forward.

PROGRAM STATUS: Evergreen Enrollment

You can get started right away... apply below.

Master the Twin Flame Journey

APPLY to the 🔥🔥Twin Flame Masters Program [TFMP]

*The Twin Flame Masters Program is only for those individuals who are ready, willing and able to do the work required.

1) Self assessment A
I'm a Twin Flame 100%
2) Review the Program
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2) Self-assessment B
I'm 100% ready to do the work 100%


4) COMPLETE the Enrollment Application <-- Your NEXT STEP
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5) SCHEDULE 15min. Interview (screening)
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6) SHOW UP to 15min. Interview (screening)
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Frequently Asked Questions

(click on each to expand)

Once you are approved as a good fit for the program & the community – you can start immediately.
ZOOM Calls happen every week.
The online community is active every day.
You start with the content immediately with the online learning environment via

TOTALLY FINE. All participation is optional.  You decide what works best for you.  Important information is recorded and made available to you.

All incarnate human beings on planet earth have a Twin Flame.  How do we know this?  Because we are all on the Spiritual Path. Yes everyone. Yes that means you too.  Yes, many of us are at various stages.  Yes some of us haven’t met our Twin Flame in the physical – and some have.


Because “Twin Flame” is on your radar – it is time for you to prepare.

Yes it is advisable to apply for enrollment to the Twin Flame Masters Program.  If we feel it isn’t time for you yet, you’ll be given materials to “get ready”.

Ultimately yes.  But you have to do your work (Self-Mastery) to prepare yourself.  This program shows you the way.

Also, no – some Twin Flames will not be in physical union in this lifetime.

And others can choose to avoid the work all together – yet, that route is laden with much discomfort and sometime great emotional & physical pain.  This is not advisable however you have free will to do as you wish.

Yes. There is a tuition associated with this program.
We will discuss options available to you on your interview call – after you apply to the program.

OUR PROMISE: IF you are 1,000% willing to do whatever it takes*, we can find a tuition solution for you.
*HINT: if you are not 1,000% willing to do whatever it takes – you will have a very hard time with your Twin Flame Journey.
(It’s just how it goes.)

All sales are final*.

Why do we have things setup this way?  Because Twin Flames are notorious for their resistance to their calling & doing their work.  So we need a little extra leverage to help them out.

Still have questions? Contact us or Apply and ask your questions during your 15 min. interview.