Work 1-on-1 with Rawb Love
daily for 3 months

The Adjustment™ is your Self-Mastery primer of rapid personal growth.


If you’ve had a spiritual awakening and/or
you feel like ‘something in your life is missing
~ an Adjustment™ will help (significantly).

The Adjustment

noun | the ad·just·ment | the ə-ˈjəs(t)-mənt

Definition (#. adjustment, #.# The Adjustment)

  1. : a small change that improves something
    1. Rawb Love shows you what to adjust towards wholeness & self-mastery
  2. : the process of modifying one’s behavior in order to fulfill psychological, physiological, and social needs
    1. breaking everything down into doable steps towards drastically improving your life
  3. : a functional and often transitory alteration by which an organism adapts to its immediate environment
    1. move from a 3D fear based consciousness (environment) to a 5D love based consciousness


What is The Adjustment

+ Rawb Love works directly with you,
1-on-1 for the period of 3 months to help you:

+ Live more from a 5D Love based consciousness
& further away from a 3D Fear based consciousness

+ Anchor in the WHOLE (authentically independent) YOU through exploration of the 9 Healthy (Mind, Body, Spirit), Abundant (Finances, Lifestyle, Joy) & Loved (Family, Friends, Self) categories

+ Establish daily & weekly focus (1,000%-er system) to move you closer towards Wholeness & Consciousness Mastery

Areas of Self-Mastery we will work on
1. Consciousness Mastery, 3. Wholeness Mastery

Rawb Love will help you set your foundation towards Self-Mastery

The Self-Mastery Six (6)

The Journey to Self-Mastery of all 6 levels is establishing a solid, core foundation in 1. Consciousness Mastery and 3. Wholeness Mastery.  You will be working directly with Rawb Love, 1-on-1, for 13 weeks to set this proper foundation. Below are the 2 different areas of Mastery we will be working with during your Adjustment™, 3 month period: (click on each to expand)
  • You’ll learn how to determine what your personal mastery work is & how to achieve 100% wholeness unto yourself in 9 different areas: Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit | Abundant Finances, Lifestyle & daily Joy | Loved Family, Friends & the ever important Self-Love. You’ll learn the 1,000%-er system of goals, daily focus & accountability – all based in loving approval, focus & the art of small steps each day towards achieving your personal goals.

  • Wholeness Mastery looks like you being completely fine on your own. You have a full life independent of anyone else. You are living in the fullness of your authentic self – living your best life. You feel healthy, abundant & loved.
  • The average person is in a state of nonconscious autopilot 95% of the time. A life filled with duality, conflict & fear reinforces this natural psychological phenomenon. If you want to stand any chance of mastering any of the other levels you must first start with a committed & diligent practice towards Conscious Mastery.

  • You will learn exactly how to go about mastering a conscious state of being through generating a resourceful physiology, while you raise your vibration (energy, emotional frequency) and retrain your psychology.

  • Consciousness Mastery looks like you disabling social engineering & breaking outside of The Matrix and taking charge of your Actions, Behaviors, Emotions & Decisions (ABED).

Your Adjustment
Practical Logistics
1-on-1 with Rawb Love

What You Can Expect:
  • 3 Months (13 weeks)
  • :55min. Sessions (weekly)
  • Quantum Energy Adjustments (weekly)
  • Loving Approval Buddy TEXT (daily)
  • SPOT Coaching (as needed)
  • 24/7 Support & Access to Rawb Love

*you will meet with Rawb Love via ZOOM (other options available).

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