OFFER: $756 worth of Twin Flame Masters COACHING for FREE

Get 4 Weeks of FREE Twin Flame Masters COACHING with Rawb Love, read offer details below. 

Twin Flame Masters (TFM) Program
+ TFM Coaching w/ Rawb Love

Twin Flame Masters (TFM) Program
+ TFM Coaching w/ Rawb Love

Below are the 6 steps to receive your $756 worth of Coaching:

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    • Include the text “*$756 SPOT Coaching Offer*” in the “Additional Message” at the end of the application.

    • You will be contacted by Rawb Love to schedule your Applicant Interview Call

    • This will be done by phone or ZOOM

    • The call will be 15min. in length and you can ask whatever questions you may have (as well).

    • The Tuition for the Twin Flame Masters Program INITIATION Period, 3 months of the full program is $369

    • $99/mo. x 3 months = $297 + $72 non-refundable enrollment fee

    • If in the first week you decide the program isn’t for you, you can request a refund of the $297

    • After the first week (7 days) the $297 is non-refundable

    • Within the first week you will have:

      • Attended/seen a Twin Flame Tuesday call (Live ZOOM call on Tuesdays)

      • Received the initial Download Pages of your Twin Flame Field Guide.

      • Been able to view Onboarding Training Videos explaining the initial Twin Flame Field Guide pages & the LOVE NOW practice (for Consciousness Mastery).

      • Been invited to the Private Telegram Channels

      • Met other Twin Flames in the Program

      • Witnessed the Twin Flame Masters Program’s structure

    • In exchange for $756 worth of TFM Coaching with Rawb Love you agree to:

      • Record a FIVE (5) min. VIDEO TESTIMONIAL of your Experience of the Twin Flame Masters Program SO FAR. You do this after you’ve received the 4 weeks of Twin Flame Masters COACHING. (Just an honest video about what your experience has been.)

    • Sign a video release form (so the video can be displayed online, with your permission).
  • Receive $756 Credit for 4 Weekly 30min. Twin Flame Masters (TFM) Coaching Sessions with Rawb Love
  • We’ll what days and times for best for you – for your 30min. weekly 1-on-1 ZOOM Calls with Rawb Love

Step #1: APPLY for Enrollment

If you're ready to do the work... apply to the program.
Master the Twin Flame Journey

APPLY to the 🔥🔥Twin Flame Masters Program [TFMP]

The Twin Flame Journey is notoriously difficult to navigate on your own. 

We like to call it the Extreme Sport of the Relationship Olympics.

The Twin Flame Masters Program [TFMP] is combination of Twin Flame Support, Tools & Community. The Twins & Rawb Love meet every Tuesday via ZOOM to learn the practical skills needed to have a successful Twin Flame union – in the physical.  You’ll be building your own customized Twin Flame Field Guide and setting up your support structure.  The Twin Flame Journey is not for the faint of heart or the partially committed – as it will test you, push you & challenge you to the edge of your limits and beyond.  It’s time you prepared yourself and built a team of other Twin Flames around you.  That’s what the Twin Flames Masters Program is all about.