Twin Flame Journey Readiness Score

What's your TFJ Readiness Score?

The Twin Flame Journey Readiness Score is designed to show you how ready your are to successfully navigate your Twin Flame Journey (TFJ).

Everyone we’ve ever coached, mentored, or chatted with about their Twin Flame Journey has been drastically unprepared for what they were about to experience.

In our experience, this particular type of human experience is designed to kick your ass – HARD!  The journey brings up all of your shadow aspects and emotional wounds – not just from you but also from your ancestry of up to / around 10 generations back.  Some people are even clearing things for humanity as a whole as well.  In reality, we are all deeply connected to one another so as you enlighten (lighten up, raise in vibration) so does the collective consciousness as a whole.

How is Twin Flame Journey Readiness Score calculated?

As a part of the Twin Flame Journey 099 mini-eCourse, you are asked a series of 24 questions that have been derived from the Twin Flame Journey checklist.  Each question is weighted with varying point values depending it’s determined level of importance towards your readiness.  The checklist is a part of the Twin Flame Masters Program so references to support content and trainings are given.  There are support videos to help guide you through the process.

To get your TFJ Readiness Score see the