The Path to Self-Mastery: Key Elements and Guidance

Rawb Love discusses a comprehensive approach to self-mastery, focusing on key elements of personal development and spiritual growth. He emphasizes the importance of consciousness, shadow work, and communication skills.

Rawb Love also outlines a path towards independence and interdependence while highlighting the significance of understanding and harmonious relationships. While acknowledging the document as a guide rather than a complete resource, the text encourages individuals to embark on their journey of self-mastery with love and unity as guiding principles.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: “Hey guys, this is the Self-Mastery five. It’s one of the key documents that we use in the Twin Flame Masters program, or one, I work one-on-one with you guys.

So when we’re talking about really the spiritual journey, right? If you’ve met your twin flame, things like that, you’re on your spiritual journey, okay? You’re on like a, a fast track of it. One of the ways is looking at that is it’s the process of ascension or raising your vibration, living from a place of unconditional love or an old term that people don’t use as much as enlightenment. And if you just think about enlightenment, it’s, it’s raising your vibration. It’s becoming lighter, right? So everybody’s on a spiritual journey. It’s really, that’s the whole meat of it. Just not everybody’s awakened to that. Okay?

Now, this is meant to be a guide as the key elements, the key elements to pay attention to. Is this a complete thing? No, it’s, it’s pointing to the work. It’s a placeholder, it’s a reminder. All right? And then we distill these things down into their simplistic form. All right?

So we’re looking at the key five things, right? So the foundation aspects are consciousness, consciousness mastery. We work on this. It is in, you can’t work on any of the other areas unless you are conscious. Now, the average person is on autopilot 95% of the time. That’s a fact. Okay? It’s a fact. Is the number absolutely correct for everybody? No, no. There’s gonna be variations in all that. Now we have processes and practices and things that we do that we can increase our consciousness significantly. Alright?

When you talk about the average person, the average person has like 25 to 60,000 thoughts per day. When you learn how to quiet this, you can get that way down. Alright? You look at meditators, things like that, you can get it to around 800 or so, something along those lines. Now you’re talking about being still, you’re being in the moment, right? You’re practicing this conscious state. From this place, you can really get into being aware, and that’s the one word we’re really kind of looking for when we’re looking at consciousness mastery.

Now, once we have kind of the foundation, then we can work on our shadow aspects, balancing the masculine and feminine within ourselves. We have ’em both. Alright? There’s different qualities. Like, think about it. You can be a man, you can also be nurturing to people around you. Care about people, be love-based, stuff of that nature. If you’re a woman, uh, now these are, this almost goes into stereotypical type stuff. That’s not my intention here. My intention is there are certain qualities that are masculine in nature, and there’s certain qualities that are feminine in nature. We look at that when we look at divine mastery. But really the main thing we’re trying to do or working towards is healing the shadow aspects of ourselves. Okay? That’s, that’s what we’re doing with that.

Now, from that base, okay, then we can really start working on our wholeness, our independence, right? We’re looking at healthy, abundant, and loved, healthy mind, body, and spirit. Abundant finances, lifestyle, and daily joy. Had a little glitch there for a moment. And then loved family, friends, and self-love. Okay? We’re like, we have these nine categories, and this is independent of anybody outside of you. And when you’re in the Twin Flame Master’s program, we look at it from the standpoint of being separate from your twin, right? Alright, so our keyword there is independent, okay? Being independent of, now, this makes it so we can get out of codependent type relationships, okay? ‘Cause that’s really, that’s the big movement. We’re moving away from fear, separation, lack, and codependency, right? Being dependent on others. And we want to move into independence, but we don’t wanna stay there. We wanna get into interdependence, right? And we do that through communication and relationship mastery, right?

Next two things I’m gonna talk about here. So we work on those. Now. This is, this is the part that’s just us. Okay? Now we’re getting into communication. Communication is super important. When you look at the master’s program or when I’m working one-on-one with someone, um, we’re really paying attention to your communication. It’s huge in the foundational, uh, 13 weeks when you do the, the master’s program, 13 week program. Um, we spend four weeks of that out of the 13 just on communication. It is that important. It is super, super important.

We need to be practicing conscious communication. You need to be able to ask for what you want to be okay with. And no, right? You need to be working on having transparent communication, especially if you’re talking about a twin flame type relationship, because they feel all this stuff anyways, okay? And what we’re really looking for here, the, the one word keyword as we see on this is understanding, okay? You want to seek to understand before you’re seeking to be understood, okay? And we’re definitely not looking to control. We’re looking for relationship, which is the next one where we’re meeting people where they are at, okay? We’re meeting people where they’re at. We’re not going into this space of I wish they were this, or I wish they were that, or any of that kind of stuff. We’re meeting ’em where they’re at. Okay? That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going on people’s rides. It doesn’t mean we’re, um, we’re still in the space of going for what we want, asking for what we want, moving towards what we want and all that. But we’re not trying to overstep boundaries, okay? We’re not running away from people and we’re not like leaning into hard things like that, okay? Which is the next one. Relationship mastery. And that’s what we’re seeking. Harmony. That’s what we want to move towards, right? Again, we’re moving away from fear and separation. We’re moving towards love and unity. These are the vibrations on the planet that we’re moving towards. Okay? That’s when we talk about new earth, A lot of people refer to it as the five d If you think about it as densities. Anyways, that gets a little bit more advanced as far as spirituality goes, things of that nature. But the main thing we’re doing again, is moving away from fear, moving towards love. We’re moving towards practicing unconditional love for ourselves and the world outside of ourselves. So is this document a complete type thing? No. It’s, it’s placeholders in showing you where there’s, there’s deeper practices, deeper work to do. I love you. Peace out.”

Video recorded: September 25th, 2023