Invite Codes & How to get one...

What is an Invite Code (IC#)?

An Invite Code (IC) is an 11 character code that you enter prior to being allowed to apply to some courses and programs within our GROW curriculum.
Why are Invite Codes in place? Because our content is not for everyone, nor do we wish it to be – so it’s a screening process.  Plus we only want a community of people who are a 100% Fuck YES! – “maybes” are welcome to engage elsewhere.

How to get an Invite Code.

There are a few different ways you can obtain an Invite Code:

  • Directly from Rawb Love or one of his associates.
  • From one of the other guides, coaches or even some students that have demonstrated a level of proficiency with the content you are wishing to apply to.
  • Sometimes Rawb or one of his associates will offer an Invite Code via social media, in a podcast, webinar or even a video.