Barter & Trade

Listed on this page are alternate forms of Balanced Energy Exchange (BEE) that we are open to.

We are open to the following services:

If you have any of the the following experience, we may be open to trading our products / services with you.
If you don’t see what you have to offer, but feel we may be interested, let us know.  Contact Us.

Social Media

  • Social media manager
  • People with audiences

Lead Gen.

  • Marketers
  • Publicist


  • WordPress PRO
  • LearnDash PRO
  • Bloggers/Vloggers


  • Creator/Editor
  • Promoter


  • PA: Personal Assistant
  • VA: Virtual Assistants


  • Editor
  • Ghost writer


  • Conscious Salespeople
  • Customer service


  • App developer

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Briefly explain your experience and what you’d like to trade/barter.
Also, mention what products or services of ours you are interested in.

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