What's your Astrological Connection with THEM?

Celestial Connection Astro-Reports

A Celestial Connections Report explores the astrological connections shared between you and another person. The exact date, time & place of birth for both individuals is all that is needed.

Twin Flames? Soulmates? Karmic bond?

Are they your Twin Flame or soulmate? What’s your karmic bond?

The Celestial Connection Astro-Reports by Lizz Grace help reveal the connection between you and another person, to bring you clarity.

It can be very confusing trying to navigate our spiritual journey of expansion without understanding our connections to the key people in our lives.

Once we are clear about the type of connection we have with another person it can be very liberating and help reveal our way forward with them.

Get insight into the connection between you two.

Celestial Connection Astro-Reports

Lizz Grace‘s 3-5 page Celestial Connection Astro-Reports give you an evidence based explanation of the connection between you two.

In the report, Lizz lists the Key Celestial Aspects, Affected Houses, Celestial Story & Present Expressions – all giving you insight into the connection.

Lizz blends her knowledge of astrology and mythology plus her intuitive gifts to explain the connection and potential karmic bonds between you two.

Lizz ties everything together in a simplified conclusion for you to consider.

See this EXAMPLE REPORT from her website.

About Lizz Grace (astrologer)

Lizz Grace stood out to me from the very first time I met her. As I got to know her better it became abundantly clear that Lizz is here on the planet at this time to assist humanity. Of this I have zero doubt.

Lizz has a very special energy and power to her that is constantly unfolding.  I know her to be a powerful doer and a fierce explorer of knowledge & wisdom.

When I learned of her passion for astrology and mythology it made complete sense to me that she would be gifted in these areas of expertise.

I then received my first Celestial Connection Astro-Report from her and was delighted (and not surprised) at her level of detail & insight.

In my experience, Lizz has been SPOT ON with these reports and I have found them to be very confirming and useful in navigating my connections with others.  I highly recommend Lizz so much so – I created her a special page on my website.  I truly believe in Lizz‘s gifts & abilities.~RawB LOVE

About Lizz Grace's work...


…”astonishing“… “incredibly useful” … “highly recommend!”

~ RawB LOVE, Oregon, USA

…”amazing“… “actionable” … “I highly recommend Lizz!”

~ Emma Nice, Omaha, USA

“unique”… “validating and dropped a couple of important pieces of a puzzle into place”

~ Liz Rose Liptan, Oregon, USA

“…I was impressed by her knowledge, intuition, and ability…”

~ Erica Bennett, Rio Hato, PANAMA

“Lizzie’s energy is amazing, and her insights are as well.”… “Her reading is unique and something everyone should get…”

~ Brenda B., Florida, USA

“All I can say is WOW!”

~ Alyssa Parr, Pennsylvania, USA

“…best astrology consult I’ve ever had. I highly recommend!”

~ Joe Riso, Oregon, USA

Find out what insight the stars & Lizz Grace have to say about you & your connections.

Celestial Connection Astro-REPORT:

Lizz Grace
Galactic Mythology
“Celestial Connection Astro-Reports” 

Here are your simplified steps(click on each to expand)

Other people charge $350+ to just compare two charts.

The Celestial Connection Astro-Reports are so much more than that. 

Lizz invests a lot of her time, energy & expertise into generating these reports. And she wants them to be accessible to as many people as possible so she is currently keeping her investment (by you) as low as possible – hence the low-cost.

Your INVESTMENT in a report by Lizz:

$350 | $122 | $99* – (with promo code: “RawbLove”)

*Lizz Grace & RawB LOVE have partnered together to help Twin Flames understand their connections on a deeper and more profound level.

Lizz puts a lot of time and effort into each 3-5 page report she generates.

PLUS she sits with, sleeps on & allows insight to present itself and that can take a little time as well.

LIZZ is currently about 4-6 weeks out from complete report delivery.

Once your investment (payment) is completed & cleared…

A) Lizz will reach out to collect the exact date, time & place of birth* for both you and the other person you’d like the report on.

B) All sales are final – again, Lizz puts a lot of time and effort into these reports and does so in good faith that her honest assessment, insight and evaluation of the charts will be useful for you.  She will not be telling you what you want to hear – just what she sees.

C) the Report will take 1-2 weeks after you have delivered the birth  information successfully to Lizz – not when the initial order was completed. Then Lizz will schedule a start date for your report.

Lizz is currently setting start dates at about a month out. Total time to Report delivery is 4-6 weeks at the moment.

D) Lizz will reach out when the report is ready for you.  There is no need to check in about your report unless it’s been more than 2 weeks since you delivered the exact date, time & place of birth for each person.

If you have any questions or special requests, please ask before or with the delivery of the birth information.

You can Contact Lizz directly on her contact page.

*without the exact date, time & place of birth for each person, these reports are not possible.

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Use the PROMO CODE: “RawbLove
to get the report for $99* .

*Courtesy of RawB LOVE.

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Lizz will reach out to you via the contact info. you provided.

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