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“Most of us are ill equipped to handle a Twin Flame type of relationship – it’s not easy.  In this 90 min. eCourse you’ll find out what is needed and how ready you are.”

Rawb Love is here to help.

Rawb Love has been on his Twin Flame Journey (TFJ) since 2010.

He has been guided and directed by God/Source/Creation to help with the Conscious Evolution and specifically to help other Twin Flames with navigating their Journey of Self-Mastery & Ascension. 

As you may know, the Twin Flame Journey is not an easy one. It will test you and push you in ways that stretch even the most highly evolved, spiritual and loving among us. It has to – this is enlightenment we are talking about after all.

  Getting your TFJ Readiness Self-Evaluation done will help reveal where you may still need growth. 

Rob “Rawb Love”

“Twin Flame Field Guide” author &
Twin Flame Masters Program creator

Growth Suggestions for YOU.

Based on your evaluation, Rawb Love may offer you growth suggestions for you to consider. We are all in this together. The sooner we do our individual work, the better for all of us.

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